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 An Introduction to Knowledge Audits

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Victor Quinn
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Valued Contributor
Victor Quinn

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An Introduction to Knowledge Audits Empty
PostSubject: An Introduction to Knowledge Audits   An Introduction to Knowledge Audits Empty8/28/2010, 15:30

Hi, everyone. The salient points of my career are noted in my profile on Linked In, but beyond that I established my accounting practice in 1988 after being Asst. Controller for two fortune 500 companies in the mid 80's and then receiving a "brass parachute" layoff notice. After nearly 20 years, and cultivating clients from New Jersey to Florida plus Ohio, Texas and California, in 2008, myself and my partner decided that the Internet was the wave of the future and began formulating our ideas for a "virtual accounting" practice. However, we realized accounting and tax work is such a personal matter, we had to maintain that "personal touch." Therefore we embarked on a search for a niche. We found that most accountants taut their ability to crunch the numbers and "save you money." We decided to differentiate ourselves. We not only provide accurate, timely service, which is a given, but learn so much about our business clients as to be able to "talk their language" and let them know our concerns go beyond the ordinary. By extension, we facilitate the management's ability to improve it's internal processes and to build relationships, not only with us, but within the organization. We concentrate our efforts on collecting knowledge of the business, including the staff, processes, history, education, contacts - anything that brings value to the business and improves its image. We perform what has been called a "knowledge audit" that attempts to capture information about the company. It can be done simply by observation and just having casual conversations as you would in any office, as well as gathering data. Hence, the audit aspect. Gathering this information, and if necessary, imputing it into a usable database, not only engenders good will but helps us gain insights into our own operation. As a result, our staff has "bonded" in ways that rival a crack military unit. While our web site is currently being revamped, you can learn a little more about us by visiting us at Cool Cool [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
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An Introduction to Knowledge Audits
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