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 Where is the body?

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PostSubject: Where is the body?   12/26/2010, 12:20

I was a Gunnery Sergeant in the infantry in charge of coordinating logistics for H-Company (182 Marines).
I am proficient in drill regs, RFs and machine guns; kinds and quantities of ammunition used in those guns. Have a thorough knowledge of the target practice protos.
Most important for this group, I understand the system of accountability of the United States Marine Corps. I will take charge of and properly render the accounts of the guard in this AO and will perform the duties of a first sergeant in charge of a guard when no Marine officer is attached.
Make no mistake, I know the duties of you men ordered on detached duty. I have superior intelligence, reliability, and mechanical knowledge. My comprehension of ordnance and of gunnery should scare your BDUs off. I'll perform my duties with utmost reliability. I'm old school, an E-8 above all others and expert in all matters pertaining to the care and preservation of naval ordnance. I now work as a military liason with NCIS, investigating and analyzing weapons used in commission of crimes by or to Naval personnel and determining type, flight, behavior, and effects of projectiles. Hinder me not.
Jumpin Jack
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Victor Quinn
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PostSubject: Re: Where is the body?   12/26/2010, 13:03

welcome Jordy. I see Casey has done what he said, getting you guys in here. I really appreciate it. One thing, though, I will no tolerate any of you contributing here "on company time". Only on your own time. I look forward to reading more.
Capt Vic
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PostSubject: Re: Where is the body?   12/26/2010, 14:14

The new members are Casey's doing huh Vic? You the man Casey! Thanks for joining the forum it is much appreciated...
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PostSubject: Re: Where is the body?   

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Where is the body?
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