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 Marine-Girl / Hi Everyone

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Board Noob

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PostSubject: Marine-Girl / Hi Everyone   1/6/2011, 12:48

Hi! Nick poosted a thread on one of the other military web sites i go to and i thought i mihgt join this one. I am a 16 yr.old sophmore in high school and would like to join the military when im 18. If you have any advice for me just email me at liz.smith45@yahoo.com
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PostSubject: Re: Marine-Girl / Hi Everyone   1/6/2011, 15:17

Really awesome to know that you must have liked the forum enough to join. I would like to know your honest opinion of it because it is the first forum I have created. I know you will get a lot out of this community if you would like to. Most of our members just happen to be Marines so they can certainly answer any questions you may have. Check back, things change in here all the time! Oh, btw...what do you think of my ribbon rack display feature? A sample can be found in the "Introductions Channel" titled, "Sample Marine" (I will be decreasing the length of the code for each ribbon so that step will be removed from the process making it much easier for someone with more than 7 ribbons)
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Victor Quinn
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Valued Contributor

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PostSubject: joining the Marines at 18   1/6/2011, 15:33

My name is Victor...Captain to you. I joined when I was 19 and never regretted it. Now, since you are only 16, my advice is to finish HS with the best grades possible; get the most information you can from websites, or better yet, your local recruiter; be sure to discuss it with your parents. Take their advice and remember they love you. My mom wasn't happy. My dad was proud. When I came home from boot camp my mom said I looked "handsome" in my dress greens and my dad said I became a man. So goes it.
In any case, keep your options open and gather as much information as you can. keep your eyes on the target - becoming the best you can at whatever you do - and keep your ear to the ground, gather info and listening for footsteps.
Remember, when you see Injuns, be careful. When you don't see Injuns, be more careful.
Semper Fi
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PostSubject: Re: Marine-Girl / Hi Everyone   

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Marine-Girl / Hi Everyone
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