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 Personal Security Guide: Unwanted Realities...Things We Would Rather Not Have to Deal With..

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PostSubject: Personal Security Guide: Unwanted Realities...Things We Would Rather Not Have to Deal With..   9/29/2010, 22:01

These are things that we would rather not have to deal with! Real estate bubbles and busts that bring local economies, tax bases and safety systems to the breaking point. Bailouts and nationalization of industries that rock our banking and business systems to the point of destroying personal livelihoods. Whole neighborhoods and towns taken down by crime, and all we need to say is Chicago, Detroit and Oakland and you know what we're talking about. Whowouldathunkit! Never in America?

When we first addressed Personal Security, it was back in the post Sept. 11 days, when it seemed Americans were just becoming aware of the realization that they needed to be able to protect themselves in an emergency - be it from terrorism or from nature. Then there was Hurricane Katrina, where many people reported needing to defend themselves from marauding criminals as well as the effects of officials who were later ordered by the courts to give back citizens guns that had been confiscated when they needed them the most. Then, more recently, our customers began expressing concern with regime change and they began asking what will happen if the gun grabbers get back into office or if the economy gets worse. Well, things certainly have progressed from there.

And everything is personal. All the national events eventually boil down to local and personal occurrences, as every day and everywhere in our country there are people who know they need to protect themselves with something, whether it's a person who needs their concealed carry firearm or a runner who has to use doggie mace to prevent an attack. Or, a customer who has the foresight to stockpile self defense products for their real goods value, in case of further economic degradation. As Howard J. Ruff says, "I doubt if there will be a better barter item in a period of currency breakdown than standard ammo, and it may be the best possible investment you could make, not just for barter purposes, but for the price appreciation in an inflating monetary system." (Howard's #1 best selling book How to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years in the 21st Century is a must read and you can get it cheap on Amazon!)

But, in the midst of all the doom and gloom, our personal lives go on, and we all continue to live and love and can continue to prosper, as long as we become more and more prepared.

People feel the need to be prepared. And they are! Yes, it is a good idea to be prepared. We don't worry much about whether someone else thinks we have alarmist fears, we just make sure that we have the right self defense tools to do the job in the event that for some reason we need to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property.

Before we go on about self defense, risk and self protection, we want to make sure you know that we are not trying to capitalize on anybody's fears. We are just in the business of providing the widest possible self defense and shooting sports training, but it's up to you to decide to be prepared, and how you will do it. We also think that participation in shooting and self defense sports is the best way to develop your skills, and we hope that each and every one of you will only have to use your self defense and marksmanship skills
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PostSubject: Repealing Gun Laws Makes Us Weaker and Vulnerable    10/10/2010, 10:40

U.S. senators and representatives from both sides of the aisle are urging Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to revisit the State Department's March 2010 decision disallowing the importation of M1 rifles and M1 carbines from South Korea.

In a letter to Secretary Clinton, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) and 15 other senators state that the importation disapproval "amounts to no more than a backdoor gun ban that lacks any basis or justification under current Federal law and policy" and "violates law-abiding citizens' constitutional right, protected under the Second Amendment, to purchase these firearms for legitimate purposes such as target shooting, hunting, collecting, and self-protection."

The senators question the department's opinion that the rifles "could potentially be exploited by individuals seeking firearms for illicit purposes," and request from Secretary Clinton "an explanation of your reasons for blocking the importation and sale of American-made rifles from South Korea."
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Personal Security Guide: Unwanted Realities...Things We Would Rather Not Have to Deal With..
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