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 Preparing For The Worst Makes The Best Sense

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PostSubject: Preparing For The Worst Makes The Best Sense   Preparing For The Worst Makes The Best Sense Empty9/29/2010, 22:18

It feels kinda strange to reflect on how some made light of those Xtreme Tactical Guys and Survivalists, who were sometimes the butt of jokes and teasing, before Katrina or other disasters and attacks. We all watched the news about remote countries with natural disasters, terrorism or just a lot of crime, but most of us never really believed that we would ever have to deal with events like these on a personal level. For that matter, we never even wanted to think much about doing anything to protect ourselves at all. Our world today just seemed so secure and safe.
Many of us even developed the idea that things like firearms and personal protection devices were merely remnants of an obsolete and less-civilized past. Surely, our world was a much safer place, at least in our own New-Age view.

But, the tragic events of the last ten years changed all of that forever. Even those of us who do not feel directly threatened by terrorism are thinking more realistically. We now realize that our world includes unwanted realities. We no longer feel false security when we travel, or when we walk the streets, or even in our own homes. Current events and uncertainties have even made strange bedfellows out of formerly opposed political groups. However, we should also no longer feel helpless! The personal protection and self defense industry provides us with more than ever to help us be secure.

Now, when you go into your local US Post Office, you can even find US government flyers that instruct you in how to prepare for 9-11 type attacks. One flyer published by the US Dept. of Homeland Security is titled "Preparing Makes Sense. Get Ready Now." And, it's full of step-by-step advice for making your own emergency supply kit, a family communications plan, and acting in case of attack. One heading is telling! The flyer tells you how to "Create a Plan to Get Away." The flyer also points you to a Web site for learning more about potential terrorist threats: www.ready.gov.

But, terrorists are only one personal concern. Even those of us who may not have personalized the aftermath of a hurricane or tragic attack of September 11 are impressed when we learn that, as John R. Lott Jr. has noted, there are some 2 million defensive gun uses in the United States every year. (The National Review, March 11, 2002)

On June 26, 2008 the US Supreme Court recognized our need to be able to be prepared for self defense when it struck down the District of Columbia's ban on handguns. The basic issue for the justices was whether the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution protects an individual's right to own guns for self defense in the home. And, the judgement recognized that yes, Americans have that right and the need for self defense. Justice Antonin Scalia said the Constitution does not permit "the absolute prohibition of handguns held and used for self-defense in the home."

Therefore, we have all become more alert to risk and what we can do about it. And we are interested in ways to manage our exposure to unwanted realities or risks, such as being attacked. We want to be as prepared as possible and to know that we have done everything possible to insure the safety of our families in a worst case scenario.

It is our philosophy at David-Brian Investigations, LLC that preparedness makes us stronger and our fears weaker.

We provide many precautionary measures that you can follow, supplies that you can assemble and have ready, and actions that you can take to minimize your risk and increase your personal security in the event of a crime or catastrophic event.

Please note that the aim of this guide is to provide useful information and not to alarm or promote fear mongering. In fact, it is our philosophy that the development of Personal Security Skills and the collection of Personal Security Tools may be serious, but it can also be fun!

For example, serious fun includes activities like playing with walkie talkies with your children, who may need to know how to use them to communicate for more vital reasons someday. Another fun activity involves sharpening your marksmanship skills at the shooting range, which builds competency and also gives us pride of achievement, making you less vulnerable to personal attack just in case.

So join us and let's get started on building a Personal Security Zone of your own
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Preparing For The Worst Makes The Best Sense
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