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 Find Meaning in Things That Have Meaning

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Find Meaning in Things That Have Meaning Empty
PostSubject: Find Meaning in Things That Have Meaning   Find Meaning in Things That Have Meaning Empty8/28/2010, 16:54

Whatever your experiences have been so far in life, whatever you may like to talk to a buddy about, but feel you can't or would find it uncomfortable to tell him about...that's not important.
What is important is that you don't "settle." Don't try and find meaning in things that have no meaning. I've been alone most of my life, but I've never been lonely. I didn't know who I was, but I knew I was "somebody." I knew I had a purpose. The door wasn't open, but I kept looking for a crack and the doorstop I needed to hold it open so I could pass through to the other side.
I'm not sure I found my place, but I have a few people who make this place "comfortable" and I'm basically happy, if not content.
I learned all this and more in Marine Intelligence. We all think about what we've lost or what might have been, but, as every operative knows, there's plenty of time to think about that after the mission is over. We know what our mission is. Once that's complete if you need my help in finding your place, you don't even have to ask. No Marine ever says "no" to a buddy in need.
I found my place. You will too.
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Find Meaning in Things That Have Meaning
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