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 3 Men and a Genie

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PostSubject: 3 Men and a Genie   3 Men and a Genie Empty10/6/2010, 13:19

One day while waiting at a train station leaving Canada, stood three individuals waiting on the station platform .

The first was an Canadian Farmer, a simple but modest fellow with good intentions.

The second was an American Soldier on leave from training in Alaska, traveling home to see his loved ones, he to also possessed good intentions.

The third, was a Taliban fighter, scouting America for new followers, and possible targets with obvious intentions.

As the three stood there waiting patiently a train on the track across from them rushed by, and something flew off and clattered onto the platform in front of them, the Canadian Farmer ducked, and the Taliban fighter jumped with fright.

The soldier however without flinching went over and picked up a lamp, eying it closely, and all at once an Genie appeared out of the lamp, and rose up above the platform.

"You have summoned me", and thus and pointed at the Soldier holding the lamp in his hands, and said "thus you will be granted three wishes". Not being selfish, the soldier turned around and stated "well there are three of us, can I share them with the other two passengers?" The genie rubbed his chin"as you wish, each of you will get one wish".

The Canadian Farmer went first, " I wish that all the land in Canada was forever fertile" POOF! like that, all the land in Canada was forever fertile.

Next, went the Taliban fighter. " I wish that a large wall was placed around the lands of Afghanistan, so that no foreign infidels can ever intrude there again." POOF! like that, a huge wall was erected around Afghanistan, and all the Coalitions troops disappeared to where they came.

Finally eying the lamp, and the Taliban fighter, the U.S. Soldier asked the genie "How big is this wall?" The Genie replied "It is 5 miles tall, and 1,000 feet thick, and is made of the most solid of stone surrounding the whole of Afghanistan".

"Really?" said the Soldier locking eyes with the fighter.

"Fill it with water"('lol!')
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3 Men and a Genie
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