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 Ribbon rack program SUCKS!!!!

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PostSubject: Ribbon rack program SUCKS!!!!   10/28/2010, 00:10

I put together my rack with eleven ribbons and got rejected because it said it was too long. I had 4 lines, 2 on top and three rows of three ribbons each???????? I previewed and it was fine then when I saved it the program told me it was too long and ingored all the work I did. FIX IT MAGGOT!!!! I wasted a hour on that!
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PostSubject: Re: Ribbon rack program SUCKS!!!!   10/28/2010, 09:36

LMAO...Keep in mind the ribbon rack builder is in its beta version...The signature block only take a certain amount of characters which I noticed AFTER I spent a week on building half of the thing. To temporarily fix this issue I created the TinyURL tab which will shorten the url string (decreases character count per url) and therefore allow more ribbons.

I can help you if you want since you seem like you had enough. In my defense sir, I did mention it in the directions but shhhh I wont tell anyone that you neglected to read them...Not a problem though because I know the current system is a little confusing and certain steps can be avoided but right now, I do not have a week to set aside to fix the issue. I will have to designate time on the weekend so the "TinyURL" step can be removed, making it more simple...

p.s. dont shoot me
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Ribbon rack program SUCKS!!!!
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